2024:Pioneers On A New Broadcast Global Universal Frontier

JAN 1rst 2024:

Looking For Unsigned ARTISTS... ! Come PLAY ON OUR New and IMPROVED RADIO Networks?
IF This Is You? Go to: ( Pay2PLAYRADIO.WS and Sign-Up? But send your Music to: pay2playradio@yahoo.com )


ADD YOUR FILM TO OUR TV NETWORKS! ( ROKU TV & FIRE TV ) 7 Million Viewers On these Networks.
( Music Must Be Clean, No Profanity ) MP3-MP4- etc.. Country-Techno- Hip-Hop-R&B 

Sorry! We changed our Grand Launch because: We added (ROKU TV CHANNELS) for Jan 1st. And ( FIRE TV ) IN FEB. 1st 2024

So go to Pay2playradio.ws and Sign-up! and Place your Video's on our ROKU TV Station APP Called: ( PAY2PLAYRADIO & TV PRODUCTIONS )

On your Smart TV.  We are right there with ( NETFLIX & YOUTUBE ) Radio Links: P2PRA- Atlanta ) P2PR Chicago (Space Chicago for Androids Only) P2PRM -Minnesota For Country Music. ( Androids apps & iPhone apps: P2PRC-Chicago )

Call Us: Mon 11:am -Fri- 5:00pm /Sat 12pm 4;00:pm ( 888) 85- RADIO 0r ( 888) 857-2346

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