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KENUFF Here!!           What's Up!  P2P family!  Stay tuned for the official Launch of the Most Exciting event in the music entertainment space!  Announcing The Most Fantastic opportunity for new artists!  TURN  TURN TURN *****

As we all know, as  DHDOH has explained P2Playradio's premier packages namely our Platinum our Gold and our Purple packages!  But Remember, Membership has benefits! In Pay2Playradio!

We call it TURN!  When we were kids we had to wait for our TURN! As we got older we seen the need to TAKE our TURN! What exactly is TURN? TURN stands for Talent Underwriters

Reward Network! THAT IS what TURN is! Let this be YOUR TURN? Remember, Membership has value! Membership Pays Rewards! Membership gets PLAYS! 

  The Creator of PAY2PLAYRADIO has invested an unbelievable amout of money, ( a small fortune to be exact) Time resourses, he's purchased 10 radio stations Streamimng video channels web sites that will play your music and stream your videoes all over the world! He put a team togethe, just so YOU could take YOUR TURN!!  Are YOU ready to get Paid?  First YOUR music has to get PLAYED!  BUT, NOTHING will happen IF YOU do NOT TAKE YOUR TURN----Remember TURN means  Talent Underwriters Reward Network!! Choose YOUR membership Today!!!




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JAN 1rst 2024:

Looking For Unsigned ARTISTS... ! Come PLAY ON OUR New and IMPROVED RADIO Networks?
IF This Is You? Go to: ( Pay2PLAYRADIO.WS and Sign-Up? But send your Music to: )


ADD YOUR FILM TO OUR TV NETWORKS! ( ROKU TV & FIRE TV ) 7 Million Viewers On these Networks.
( Music Must Be Clean, No Profanity ) MP3-MP4- etc.. Country-Techno- Hip-Hop-R&B 

Sorry! We changed our Grand Launch because: We added (ROKU TV CHANNELS) for Jan 1st. And ( FIRE TV ) IN FEB. 1st 2024

So go to and Sign-up! and Place your Video's on our ROKU TV Station APP Called: ( PAY2PLAYRADIO & TV PRODUCTIONS )

On your Smart TV.  We are right there with ( NETFLIX & YOUTUBE ) Radio Links: P2PRA- Atlanta ) P2PR Chicago (Space Chicago for Androids Only) P2PRM -Minnesota For Country Music. ( Androids apps & iPhone apps: P2PRC-Chicago )

Call Us: Mon 11:am -Fri- 5:00pm /Sat 12pm 4;00:pm ( 888) 85- RADIO 0r ( 888) 857-2346

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